Personal T1 &
Corporate T2 Tax Preparation

Corporate Solutions Plus is a Certified Online E-File company with the CRA and we are here to assist you with your personal and business tax preparation and filing requirements. We will also represent on your behalf with Canada Revenue Agency in regards to back taxes and help minimize and/or wipe out any interest and penalties you may have accumulated.

How to File Your Taxes With Corporate Solutions Plus

  • Visit our office and sit down with us to discuss your taxation requirements.
  • Simply drop off your tax documents such as T4's and receipts and we will do the rest.
  • Upload your documentation remotely from the comfort of your home.

T1 Personal Tax

At Corporate Solutions Plus, we are here to assist you with all of your personal tax needs, past, present and future. We provide professional and prompt service in preparing and filing your Personal Tax Returns – T1 Returns.

  • Personal income tax preparation
  • Rental property tax return preparation
  • Tax preparation for sole-proprietorships.
  • Tax preparation for partnerships.
  • Tax preparation for farmers.
  • Assistance with late tax filing and penalties

T2 Corporate Tax

Did you know that all resident Canadian corporations have to file a Corporate T2 Return for every tax year, even if the corporation is not active? That means that even corporations that do not have any business activity are required to file a return with the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Preparation and Filing of Corporate Tax T2 Returns
  • Information Returns or Re-Filing of T2 Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning Structures to Minimize Taxes
  • Assistance with late tax filing and penalties
  • Tax estimates and installment preparation